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Protocols of the Ivory Tower
Through the ages, from Archwizard to She Most High to Voice, a single tome has tied together all the incarnations of the Ivory Tower: the Protocols of the Ivory Tower. This book contains the history of the Ivory Tower as well as its rituals, ceremonies, and historical codes of conduct, including the Code of the Magi. It also contains the annotations of the various leaders of the Tower on these topics, as well as knowledge both mundane (minutes of meetings) and esoteric (treatises on magic and spells).

What records exist outside the book indicate that the Protocols must, itself, be magical, as it changes its appearance over time. For instance, the Protocols of the Order Arcane of the Fifth Astral Era was an enormous tome, its imposing stature enhanced by its gilded and burnished vellum pages, rich chocobo leather covers in burgundy tones, and mythril clasps and cover decorations. In contrast, the Protocols of Mysterium is a much more practical affair, owing to its recent history in the seafaring city of Limsa Lominsa: a black leather book of waterproofed linen pages with a simple hide tie clasp, fully enclosed in a waterproof leather folio. Curiously, no record exists of anyone having actually seen the book change its shape. Indeed, what reports exist of its movement through the years merely indicate the book's form at the time, notably excluding any mention of its other known forms.

In addition to the Protocols's curious ability to change forms, it possesses other magical characteristics. The book has no table of contents and no index; indeed, one need only think of a topic when opening the cover, and the pages within will contain only that information. Additional sheets appear and disappear as required while turning the pages to ensure that the book retains its size, even when the topic is too large to fit in the number of pages the book appears to have. Should the reader wish to annotate, change, or add to the topic at hand, the book produces the requisite space at will, moving paragraphs or entire pages around as required. Any quill can be used to write, but no ink is required as the Protocols creates colored lines at the touch of the implement. The color is outside the control of the author and is fixed for their life. In the topic about the Protocols itself, Master Wizard Delanie Sartanaud proposed that the color was a reflection of the Aetherial balance and personality of the author.

The Protocols has but one innate defense: only those who can channel Aether can use it. To those unskilled in the magical arts, it's merely a collection of blank pages. However, Wizards of the past have attempted to further secure its contents with techniques ranging from esoteric languages, to ciphers of varying complexity, to encoded topic titles that only those who know them could guess, all the way to cunning magical traps carried through language itself. For example, a legend (in "A History of the Circle of Gold," page 156 in the current Protocols) holds that The Most Exalted Maritari Sonatari, slain by his fellow Wizards when he began consorting with voidsent in an attempt to assassinate the royal family of Ul'dah in the Sixth Umbral Era, was driven mad by a mystical riddle hidden deep within the Protocols's pages. Those who seek esoteric, hidden wisdom in the pages of the Protocols would do well to heed the inscription on the first page of every topic: "Temper Power With Wisdom Ere Ye Lose Both."

Traditionally, the Voice holds the Protocols and lays it in a place visible to all Wizards at all formal meetings and ceremonies of the Tower.