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Protocols of the Ivory Tower
By the hand of Wizard Yhta Mahre, Thaumaturge, Conjurer, Arcanist, Astromancer; by Aether illuminated, Beacon of Hope, is this Peripheral Code committed to paper. By the hands of the undersigned, Wizards of the Mysterium, the Ivory Tower of the Seventh Astral Era, of sound mind and sound body, and in control of their destinies, and free of the corrosive influence of the Void or Primals, is this Peripheral Code adopted.

On the Principles of the Wielding of Magic
I. As a first principle: The highest purpose of magic is to offer aid and succor to those lacking in either.
II. As a second principle: The highest purpose of those with the power of magic is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
III. As a third principle: Those with power are charged with responsibility to themselves and others proportionate to that power.
IV. Therefore: The purpose of the Mysterium is to research, preserve, and practice magic to the benefit and service of Hydaelyn and Her children.

On the Responsibilities of the Wizard
V. Acting in accordance with these principles shall not be considered “needless interference” in politics, even if such actions should oppose a mundane organization.
VI. Being a member of a mundane organization or guild shall not be considered “needless interference” in politics, nor shall such allegiance be considered inimical to membership within the Mysterium, unless such organization actively acts in opposition to these principles.
VII. The prohibitions upon harming Wizards, depriving them of magickal power, or wielding magic upon them is hereby known to apply only to Wizards who are not in violation of, or intending violations of, the Code of the Magi or this Peripheral Code.
VIII. Such violations shall include but not be limited to wielding magic to cause suffering for one’s own enjoyment, to assault others without cause such as defense of one’s self or of others, to cause harm to innocents or those not equal to the attack, or to wield magicks that harm Hydaelyn such as summoning Primals or Voidsent.
IX. If actions are taken to harm, deprive, or wield magic against another Wizard, it shall be with the least force possible, with the intent to stop the act or to save the Wizard’s life and to in all circumstances return the Wizard to the Tower or proper mundane authorities for judgment.
X. All Wizards shall keep their word of honor to one another.
XI. All Wizards shall treat their peers fairly and equitably and with respect, and provide for the needs of their brethren.
XII. All Wizards must treat with respect and proper decorum all those to whom the Mysterium has offered succor or hospitality.
XIII. All Wizards must place the good of Hydaelyn, Eorzea, the Sons of Man, and the Ivory Tower before their personal needs, at all costs.

On Order, War, and Punishment
XXVI. A formal Tribunal shall consist of a quorum of members of the Council and at least one Wizard who does not sit upon the Council. The Tribunal shall be called at a Gathering or meeting of the Council, or as needed whenever a quorum of members of the Council believe one is necessary for judgment.
XXVII. The Tribunal shall be empowered to impose any punishment upon a Wizard found to have broken the Code of the Magi or the Peripheral Code, from verbal censure to the requital of the Oathbroken. The Tribunal is hereby not required to pronounce a sentence of requital or otherwise for any violation, though it retains the right to do so.
XXVIII. A Wizard in good standing may, with permission of the Council, be released from her Oath to make her own way in the world. With the permission of the Council, such a Wizard may be returned to the fold.
XXIX. The Ebon Watch shall be formally established as those Wizards who respond when the hue and cry is made against a threat to Hydaelyn, Eorzea, the Sons of Man, or the Ivory Tower. For not all Wizards are of martial heart, no Wizard is required to join the Ebon Watch, nor shall failure to join it be considered an offense against this Code. Any Wizard may make hue and cry to call the Ebon Watch. The Captain shall be empowered to lead the Ebon Watch and shall be known as "First Battlemage" in such matters. Decisions of the First Battlemage in the field shall be honored as those of the Council unless overriden by the Council. If the Captain is not available, any Councilor may serve as the First Battlemage. If no Councilor is available, any Wizard may serve as the First Battlemage.

So it is written, so mote it be.

Observed by all witnessing and voting parties on this day of 22 of the First Astral Moon of year four of the Seventh Astral Era, and hereafter upheld.