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Around the Tower
The Tower's library contains a wide variety of books on topics ranging from history to magic theory to even mundane topics like cooking. The main section of the library contains historical treatises on topics from the Third Astral Era (the Allagan Empire) through the War of the Magi in the Fifth Astral Era, all the way up to modern travelogues, bestiaries, and histories on all of Eorzea. Some information on Garlemald and Sharlayan is available, though it's rather limited. Many books on the modern Disciplines of Magic (thaumaturgy, conjury, and arcanima) are in ready supply for those seeking independent study at all levels of skill; these tomes include dissertations by famous mages through the ages on specific esoterica of these Disciplines as well. Some information is available on both schools of astrology, as well.

The library has a restricted section as well (the area closest to the company chest). The wards on the section hide the titles of the books and prevent them from being removed by those not excepted from the Tower's own wards. Attempts to take them by force are dealt with by those wards. An additional working on the restricted section veils it from the perceptions of those who can't access it; they ignore it unless it's pointed out to them, and even then it's difficult to perceive and quickly forgotten. The restricted section primarily contains books on topics related to the Fifth Astral Era, specifically the magics of Amdapor (Succor), Mhach (Black Magic), and Nym (Nymian summoning -- the art of the Scholar). The Allagan art of summoning is covered as well, along with voidsent, Primals (including very recent research works from Garlemald), and the Echo (largely from the Isle of Val). Information on Primals and the Echo is very limited, however.

Hidden behind a false panel in the wall in the library is the secured storage, which is accessible only by Eamont, Clalaris, L'yhta, Seth, K'hane, and Sazhi'to. The veiling is extremely thick, making the panel almost impossible to sense by those not able to open it, and the wards are extremely lethal. They are set up to both contain what's inside the storage as well as keeping others out. The secured storage contains mostly artifacts of dire power and effect that the Masters feel need to be kept out of the hands of others for the good of Eorzea. The books here detail beast tribe rituals, dark magicks including rituals of blood sacrifice and voidsent summoning and binding, and partial copies of the rituals performed to summon Primals.

The following books are merely a sampling of the tomes in the Tower's library that have been referenced ICly. Individual members of the Tower may have their own personal libraries with different scopes.

((Members, feel free to add books that you reference ICly.))

The Main Library
  • A treatise on the Tonberry: Past and Present by Zopel Zolzolpel, Scholar of the Ivory Tower. ((Contains information from
  • A Brief History of Ishgardian Houses, Volumes 1-18 by Bartolemieux Venemois, Chronicler of House Venemois, servant of the Holy See.

The Restricted Section
  • Ruminations on Thunder and Fire by Tamamu Sil Mamu, thaumaturge of Belah'dia, translated by Q'lahmi Drahya.