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Around the Tower

Volkido Tekido: The Majordomo
Wizard Volkido Tekido, Fellow of Mysterium; by Aether illuminated, Ceremonial Guardian.

Volkido Tekido was a Fellow of the Tower during its incarnation as the Wizards' Choir. As their majordomo (he despises being called a concierge or a mere... butler), he arranged meeting locations, managed real estate, and generally kept the superannuated members of the Choir shielded from the bureaucracy, such as it is, of Limsa Lominsa. Under L'yhta, he plays the same role, with the additional responsibilities of acting as an initial point of contact for prospective new Wizards and managing relations with the Maelstrom.

Often grouchy, usually mumbling, sometimes bearing a cross, and completely convinced that the Tower would fall without him to hold it up (even more so with "that babbling kid" in charge), Volkido can come off as a bit gruff and disinterested. However, under his sometimes off-putting exterior, he's devoted to Mysterium and its Wizards, as well as their safety. He just sometimes wishes they'd get their heads out of the clouds now and then.