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Around the Tower
K'hane and Sazhi'to working together have covered the entirety of the Tower in defensive wards, seals, and runes. Every wall, floor, ceiling, and entrance has been covered in Arcana.

The primary defenses are not known IC unless explained, though they are always in effect, as they have no "off" switch. They are of Master level and designed and implemented by a Master and specialist Journeyman, and have been vetted by other Masters for their strength and effectiveness.

The wards will detect the use of any magic by any non-authorized individual and react in the following ways.

a) If the magic in use is an illusion, concealment, or cantrip, it will destabilize, or outright dispel/neutralize it depending on strength.

b) If the magic is defensive in nature, placing some form of ward or shield, or a healing field, it will be weakened and actively drained off by the wards until it dissipates or is broken.

c) If the magic is offensive it will set off the full defenses of the wards, triggering a multi-part response. The magic caster will be targeted by both a Silence spell and an aether draining spell, halting their casting and beginning to siphon off their ability to try again. Furthermore, the wards will set off a localized concussive blast (Ruin II) which will at the very least stun and blind the target, or possibly render them unconscious.

To be added to the "safe" or "approved" list on the wards, you must speak with Eamont and/or K'hane and Sazhi'to.

Attempting to tamper with the wards will alert both K'hane and Sazhi'to as well as setting off the defensive spells as though casting an offensive spell.

Physical defenses, set by L'yhta Mahre:
There is a Tonberry lamp within the main hall of the Tower which is in fact tied to the wards. It is a reinforced mammet, designed to mimic Tonberry combat. This includes a very serviceable knife which it will use in defense of Tower members with no regard for its own safety. If a Wizard is attacked, or moved not on their own power, it will activate.