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Protocols of the Ivory Tower
All Wizards of the Ivory Tower swear the following oath upon acceptance into Mysterium; the oath has been passed down through the various incarnations of the society, and is recorded in its current form.

The name "Magus" is replaced by the speaker's name whenever it occurs. Likewise, the date at the end of the oath is replaced with the date the oath is sworn.

"I, Magus, swear my loyalty to the Ivory Tower and its Wizards, until sea swallows all.

"I will not deprive, nor attempt to deprive, any Wizard of magical power, nor will I slay or attempt to slay a fellow Wizard so long as he or she remains within the Ivory Tower.

"I will abide by the decisions made by the Ivory Tower and its Wizards at a Gathering or other properly called tribunal. Should a vote be called, I recognize I have one vote, and I will use it with wisdom and grace. I will respect the votes of my fellow Wizards.

"I will not endanger the Ivory Tower through my actions or inactions. I will not needlessly interfere in the politics of those outside the Tower and thereby bring their wrath upon my fellow Wizards. I swear to never negotiate with nor associate with the voidsent, the primals, or their servants, lest I bring ruin upon my soul, the Aether, and Hydaelyn herself.

"I will not use magic upon my fellow Wizards without their permission unless it is to save their life, nor will I use magic to peer into their affairs.

"If I am to be called Master, I will train apprentices, who will swear to uphold and honor this Code before they receive any training. Should any of my apprentices turn against the Ivory Tower, I will be the first to bring them to justice.

"Should I break this oath, I hereby declare that I shall be known as Oathbreaker forevermore, my name being struck from the world for my cowardice and lack of honor. Should I be known as Oathbreaker, I request that I be cast from the Ivory Tower and slain by its Wizards, that my ignoble and miserable life be ended along with my name.

"I call out to the world: the enemies of the Ivory Tower are my enemies. The friends of the Ivory Tower are my friends. Woe be to those who threaten us, and woe be to me should I betray us.

"I hereby swear this oath to Mysterium in the light of my soul on the third sun of the fourth Umbral moon, in the 5th year of the Seventh Umbral Era, and hereby take the title Wizard as my own. May the Twelve strike me down, the Aether take my name, and Hydaelyn consume my ashes should I break this oath."