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Welcome to Mysterium, the Ivory Tower, and thanks for your interest in joining.

Before you apply for membership, please read through our charter -- it describes how we're structured OOCly, our style of RP, and what few rules we have. Make sure you agree with those rules and the rules for the forums. It's might also be helpful for you to get to know some of us IC and OOC; you can contact any of us via PM here or on the Hydaelyn Role-Players Coalition forums or find us in game. We'd love to get to know you!

When you’re ready to apply, please fill out our application form.

If you have anything private but potentially very important about your character (possessed by a demon, hunted by some group, has multiple personalities, is the offspring or mortal incarnation of a god, etc.), you need to note this in your initial application. Big surprises about characters can really throw people, including the officers, and lead to bad feelings, which is why we need to know ahead of time. Don’t worry -- this information will be kept in strict confidence and will be kept OOC.

After posting your application, several things happen.
  1. You'll be contacted by an officer of the Free Company if there's any OOC issues, concerns, or questions.
  2. An officer will arrange an IC interview with you to get to know your character.
  3. Upon completion of the interview, unless something goes awry, you’ll be granted a linkpearl for our IC channel and invited to the Free Company proper OOCly as a Probationary Member and ICly as an Initiate.
  4. After a reasonable time has passed, if you’ve had no problems in the group OOCly, you’ll be promoted to Member status OOCly.
  5. At a Gathering, you'll be voted upon ICly by the other Wizards of Mysterium. If this vote passes, you'll be ICly welcomed as a full Wizard.

The OOC ranks are described in more detail in our charter.

Any application that contains unverifiable information or that strategically excludes information that would be relevant to the application process may be immediately denied by any officer who can provide appropriate evidence. Any player whose character’s application is approved and who, later, is found to have provided false information or excluded key information on their application may be subject to disciplinary action. Of course, you wouldn’t do that, now would you? :)

The process really isn’t as scary as it seems. However, it can take about a week to complete. We like to take some time with our applicants to get to know them, and we hope you appreciate the care that we take with the application process.

Please note that, before or while your application is in process, you can request a linkpearl to our OOC channel from a recruitment officer to get to know us better. We'd love to meet you!