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Around the Tower
While you're perusing a fine old tome of secrets best left unsaid and magicks sweeter than fine wine, a small parchment envelope -- possibly unnoticed, possibly previously nonexistent -- slips out between two pages and into your hand. The envelope is smooth, almost silken, and ever so slightly warm to the touch. Upon opening it, you withdraw a smaller slip of sharply creased parchment with a scent like the leather binding of an ancient tome. In an immaculate professional script, it reads:


"You probably don't know me, but I know of you. I know that you're a mage of no small talent, and I know that you want to learn more about the Aether. I know that you're looking for others who can truly understand the pulse of the world and for whom magic is a calling. You want a place where magic theory isn't synonymous with 'naptime'.

"If I'm right about you, you want to know more. We want to know more about you, too! Come to our office in Mist -- Ward 5, 24 -- and knock thrice.

"We'll be waiting!"

On the back of the parchment, where you're sure there was nothing before, is a map to a building just outside the city with an "X" marked "Mysterium, the Ivory Tower."

Mysterium, the Ivory Tower is a heavy RP linkshell and free company on the Balmung server. Mysterium is a society of mages who seek the companionship and knowledge of their fellow spellcasters; stepping outside the boundaries of their individual guilds, the Wizards of the Ivory Tower attempt to expand the horizons of magical study by comparing theories, seeking magical artifacts and knowledge, and aiding students of the Disciplines of Magic. To defend the Aether from which they draw their strength, they also seek to disrupt the plans of the voidsent and the primals.

Inside the Ivory Tower, mages can find a place to discuss their theories, to take on and train apprentices, and to organize expeditions into the darkest parts of Eorzea in pursuit of lost arts. However, the Ivory Tower also offers camaraderie with those who can truly understand your life's work.

Wizards of the Ivory Tower are expected to hold themselves to a high standard of behavior. Upon joining Mysterium, all Wizards swear to uphold the Code of the Magi, an ancient set of rules that ensure the safe practice of magic and the equitable treatment of one's fellow spellcasters.

Anyone can join the Ivory Tower, regardless of background. Those with an aptitude for weaving Aether can join as an Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master, while those whose talents lie in more mundane pursuits can join as Fellows. No matter your circle, every member of the Tower is called a Wizard, swears to uphold the Code of the Magi, and has a say and a vote at Gatherings.

The OOC goal of the Mysterium is to facilitate character development through interactive, spontaneous roleplay; IC PvE, such as IC dungeon runs; and storylines. As this is a heavy RP organization, RP is required.

You don't have to be part of our Free Company to join us in our linkshell; you can join Mysterium fully as a Wizard IC, assuming you're willing to ICly swear to the Code of the Magi (which requires loyalty to the Tower above all others). If you're a member of another Free Company ICly and don't wish to or cannot make such a commitment, you can join as a Dear Friend -- a close ally of the Ivory Tower with many of the same privileges as a full member.