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Harbor Herald Article (and IC Night: 5/7)

freelancewizard / May 07, 2017 / Storylines
The following article is cut out of the Harbor Herald. Volkido places it on the message board, and the name "Suyaya Suya" is circled. He adds the following note next to it: "This is one of the names Anzu, Karaki, and Eleni got."


Red Rooster Stead--A murder most foul was committed in Red Rooster Stead earlier this week, according to locals. Beloved alchemist and healer Suyaya Suya was found dead in her home with a knife wound to the back of her neck and her throat slit.

"She was such a kind woman with not a mean word in her," R'yhimi Pahzi, a neighbor, said. "I have no idea who would have done this, but with a murderer on the loose, I fear for my kits."

The Yellowjackets are investigating and have issued leves for assistance from adventurers in the area. Readers with any information should contact their nearest Yellowjacket squadron.

We'll have another IC night on 5/7 to discuss these events and possibly do something about them -- and there may be another Special Event. Stay tuned!

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Anzu looked over the notice after it was posted, widening her eyes. She stormed off, rather incensed about this revelation.

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