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[Somewhere in the Black Shroud, unknown time]

"Sazhi'to, promise me... If I die, don't try to bring me back..." "....." "Sazhi?" "It's nothing, I.... I will do what I can..." "I know, my love. You would do a wonderful job raising Nuali even without me." ".....yes."

Sazhi'to woke with a start, his heart pounding even as his eyes scanned the bedroom reflexively for any sign of movement or what might have woken him. Nothing, just another dream... His eyes shut tightly for a moment as his heart slowed, then fixed on the faded tracery of runes against the bedroom ceiling. In the semi darkness they faintly luminesced; though after almost a score of turns they were hardly bright enough even for his Seeker's eyes to make out unless they were activated. It didn't matter, though, they were a brilliant defensive ward K'hane and he had cooperated in making which would easily last a hundred turns; he couldn't even fathom changing it.

Knowing he wouldn't sleep again today, maybe not for several days, Sazhi'to sat up and swung his legs out of the bed without looking over. The coolness on the other side of the bed felt cold after that dream. Instead he picked up a rather worn, slightly too small pair of spectacles with lenses that were distinctly newer than the frames and pushed them into place. He gave a sigh as he stood and shuffled to the wardrobe, he had been doing so well not dwelling on the past recently, and now he couldn't stop dwelling thanks to that dream.

Opening the doors he paused a moment to study himself in the half-length mirror. His eyes were the same, but the lines and bags highlighting them had become highlighted themselves in recent years, and there was just a hint of silver starting to find its way into the blue of his hair. While he didn't appear skinny enough to be unwell, his bare torso showed none of the musculature that he had begun training so long ago. Looking back up again he winced, as he did every time he looked at the ragged stub that was all that was left of his left ear, just barely visible through his hair. Now that would ache for a day or two, as well...

Shaking his head at allowing himself to fall prey to his own dreams, Sazhi'to selected a plain linen robe and dressed in moments. He shut the wardrobe with a muted clack, not wanting to look at the expression he knew must be there on his face. He needed to be up and about if he was awake, otherwise he would worry Nuali, and if she didn't try to get him moving, it would get back to the others, either through Hihima or directly, and as much as he cared for his friends, Sazhi'to didn't want them to come looking for him.

There were documents he had only recently obtained which would be... most likely frowned upon, even by his friends. Two pages in one place, and neither was a forgery; he couldn't help being excited by the sudden leap in progress with his current research, but he knew also that he needed to proceed cautiously. Otherwise how could he expect to-

[Limsa Lominsa, Two months before the experiment]

Sazhi'to woke with a start, his heart pounding even as his eyes scanned the bedroom reflexively for any sign of movement or what might have woken him. Nothing, just another dream... The soft sound of K'hane breathing beside him and the warmth of her presence as he rolled over calmed him almost at once. His ears turned toward the crib immediately beside the bed to listen for Nuali's quiet breathing as well and he smiled.

Reassured that he had been woken by something in the dream, he decided to put that aside and try to get back to sleep. Though just like most of his dreams, the more he focused on it the more indistinct it became. If it was a nightmare, it really didn't bear dwelling on, anyway. Dwelling on things didn't get one anywhere. More likely than not it was all just brought on by the long hours both he and K'hane had been putting into the research and development of the new arrays and glyphs. So long as he didn't start tracing them in his sleep, it wasn't anything significant to worry about. With that thought he drifted slowly back into a dreamless sleep.
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