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#12320483 Apr 24, 2016 at 08:01 PM
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Any at the Tower 04/24/2016 Tower meeting, and any shown after, would see this poster.
The poster is many years old. It is wrinkled and torn around the edges and looks as through it might have been previously bound in a ledger and torn out.


The accused is wanted under suspicion for

Multiple counts of theft
Multiple counts of assault
Two counts of manslaughter

Presumed Deceased
((Written and signed by an Immortal Flames clerk. Clearly more recent than the poster itself.))
#12320589 Apr 24, 2016 at 09:10 PM · Edited 1 year ago
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The previous poster was included in a large folio detailing an investigation into a small criminal syndicate operating in Ul'dah before the Calamity. The folio itself appears new, but all documents within appear aged, for about the same time as the poster.

The folio contains various documents, including ledger entries with dates, times, and amounts of gil. Many warrants are included for a variety of crimes. There are also charts of relationship showing tiers of organization for something.

Eamont's name appears no where in the document. Under images of someone that might be Eamont is the name Antoinaux.

Death certificates for Brandon Tanner and Herolt Longshanks are included. They died in a fire at a smithy, but both skeletons had injures that were consistent with trauma. Brandon Tanner had a fractured skull.
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